• Developer: European Federation of Intercultural Learning

Badges for individual long-term secondary school exchanges (3-10 months) were created in order to support and recognise learning of pupils throughout their exchange and after. This Badge framework applies to exchanges that are host-family and host-school based.

Badges can be used as learning support tool for mentoring. In this case mentor can use system as a supporting tool for planning, documenting and reflecting upon recognising the learning of pupils.Pupils can use this system on his/her own, in order to plan, monitor and recognise his/her own learning and share achievements with others. This badge system can be included in the pupils on-arrival and mid-term and re-entry trainings.

Follow these guidelines to import and set up Long-term secondary school exchange badge system on Badgecraft.eu. Please bare in mind that the images of badges are not available publicly.

On this file you can look at the overview of Badges with the explanation of each task required to claim them: long-term secondary school exchange system

Developed during the project European  Badge Alliance by the European Federation for Intercultural Learning – EFIL. EFIL is the Federation of AFS organisations in Europe, running pupil exchanges for 60 years, all over the world.

Co-funded by the European Union’s programme Erasmus+


Long-term School Exchanges