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Badges for Senior Trainers of educational activities were created in order to support them and recognise the development of their competences and skills. This Badge framework applies to youth workers and other young people who are accredited as Senior Trainers for educational activities.

Follow these guidelines to import and set up Senior Trainers’ badge system on Badgecraft.eu Please take in to consideration that images of badges are not available publicly.

Badges can be used as learning support tool for mentoring and acknowledgment of the process to develop and improve training competences and skills. In this case, a Senior Trainer can use the system as a supporting tool for preparation, implementation and monitoring of the learning process as individual and as a Youth Trainer. Therefore, the Senior Trainer can identify the learning path and the steps for good preparation/implementation for/of an educational activity. Additionally, it helps them to improve personally and work for a better cooperation to achieve the learning outcomes. This badge system can be presented and implemented upon the classification of someone as Senior Trainer.

Download the detailed overview of this badge system with the explanation of each task required to claim badges.

Developed during the project “European Badge Alliance” by the Youth for Exchange and Understanding- YEU. YEU is an International Network of Youth Organizations present in more than 30 Countries from across Europe and Africa, working on the development of NFE methodologies and creation of youth activities to foster closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world.

Co-funded by the European Union’s programme Erasmus+

Senior Trainers