24 Nov 2016

Good policy recommendations for Open Badges

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We welcome the latest recommendations of the EU Council which promotes Open Badges:

To appeal to young people and to ensure greater impact on their lives, new settings where young people spend their time, such as modern city infrastructure and virtual space, as well as new approaches using innovative online and offline tools (such as gamification, GPS based activities, learning badges or design thinking5), should be reflected upon and taken into account in the further development of education and training of youth workers.” (page 4)

In the recommendations it is made clear explanation and link to the technology of digital Open Badges:

Learning badges are virtual badges in the online space which ratify learners ́ achievements. Some companies support this idea, including Mozilla, which created an online platform called Open badges. This fits in well with initiatives around the recognition of non-formal learning in youth work.

The Conclusions on promoting new approaches in youth work to uncover and develop the potential of young people recognises well the current needs of young people, efforts of youth work organisations and benefits of up-to-date technology to validate and recognise learning and achievements.

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