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European Badge Alliance

European Badge Alliance (EBA) is a strategic partnership of organisations and institutions active in learning mobility and committed to the quality and recognition of learning and achievements using Open digital badges.

EBA aims using Open digital badges to innovate the recognition, validation and communication processes of key competences acquired by young learners and staff in non-formal learning contexts, especially through experiences of learning mobility abroad. The partnership sets the following objectives for Sep 2015-July 2017:

  • To identify, test and mainstream Open digital badges for the recognition of key competences acquired by learners through mobility.
  • To improve competences of staff (e.g. youth leaders, mentors, tutors, etc.) for the use of Mobility badge systems to support the recognition processes of non-formal or informal learning.
  • To raise awareness among decision makers on the importance of improving recognition of key competences learned through mobility
  • To increase the integration and interaction among non-formal, informal and formal learning, including vocational educational training.

European Badge Alliance was initiated by 8 partners: UNISER (lead partner, Italy), European Federation of Intercultural Learning (Belgium),  Lithuanian Association of Non-formal Education, Youth for Exchange and Understanding (Belgium/Portugal), HOC-Lab (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Badgecraft (Lithuania), Associazione Emiliano-Romagnola Centri Autonomi di Formazione Professionale (Italy), Semper Avanti (Poland).

European Badge Alliance is and outcome of strategic partnership co-funded by the European Union’s programme Erasmus+

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