OB Infrastructure

How badges work

In the spring of 2011, Mozilla Foundation introduced the technical specification of Open Badges standard.  The standard is open source code that can be used as a basis for any organisation having resources and technical know-how to build their own Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI).

Any badge that is created, issued and displayed using the Open Badges standard makes it possible to be portable achievement across various web platforms and sites that are also using badges aligned to this standard. This creates unique opportunities for badge earners to take their achievements with them across sectors and levels of education, transfer them from education to employability, display them online where matters.

Many issuing platforms can be found online, they are different from each other and work in various ways. This is why it is important to be able to evaluate which is the right badge issuing platform.

Badgecraft is the partner and member of the European Badge Alliance. Badgecraft offers a multilingual platform to manage any achievements using world-wide standard of Open Badges.


  • Learning providers can easily set up their badge projects, create and issue Open Badges, assign roles to users (e.g. owner, manager).
  • In progress: Badge issuers can define quest-based criteria, type of evidence and assessment.
  • Badge earners can display, share and download their Open Badges.
  • Trusted partners are constantly adding new languages with the help of integrated translation tools.
  • Features of the platform are developed in close cooperation with learners, learning providers and employers.

What Badge Users Think