• Developer: Lithuanian Association of Non-formal Education

Badge system for mentors of European Voluntary Service (EVS) motivate them to carry on systematic work with EVS volunteers as well as guide mentors through their development within specific mentors’ competence areas. By using this badge system both organization and mentors can easily display EVS mentors’ achievements.

Follow these guidelines to import and set up badge system for mentors of European Voluntary Service on Badgecraft.eu

The system is divided into two main areas:

23 badges for professional development. These are the badges related to the development of EVS mentors within five competence areas: Methodological, Intercultural, Educational relationship, Facilitation of learning to learn, Communication and cooperation competences.

15 badges for systemic work. Badges of this area are related to 4 functions of a mentor: Cooperation and reflection of mentoring practices with EVS coordinator; Ongoing support and contact with the EVS volunteer; Ongoing cooperation, learning and supporting in cooperation with other mentors, and Cooperation with the hosting organisation(s).

Badges are earned by providing evidence of attending training workshops, meetings with peer mentors or volunteers. Download the detailed overview of this badge system with the explanation of each task required to claim badges.

Developed during the project “Trusted Badge Systems” by Lithuanian Association of Non-formal Education in cooperation with Socialinis Veiksmas.

Co-funded by European Union’s programme Erasmus+

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Mentoring in European Voluntary Service